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Department of Plant Sciences
School of Life Sciences
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad – 500046, India


Research & Academics

Plant Systematics & Conservation, Protein Biochemistry, Glycobiology, Biodiversity, Medicinal & Pharmacological Botany, Indian Traditional Knowledge, Botanical Latin, Sanskrit & Telugu, Semantics.

The Plant Systematics and Conservation are the essential subjects in Plant Sciences or Botany which are deal with the taxonomy, biochemistry and molecular biology for the phylogenetic and conservational aspects. These are the fundamental and challenging subjects of the future. Protein Biochemistry and Glycobiology are dealt with biochemistry of proteins and carbohydrates, respectively. The Medicinal and Pharmacological Botany is an approach in traditional medicines with advanced pharmacological methods. The study on Indian Traditional Knowledge is the subject which gives scope to protect the Indian knowledge. The Botanical Latin, Sanskrit and Telugu are dealt with botanical knowledge of Latin, Sanskrit and Telugu. Semantics is the study meanings and origin of words in languages including its history. The laboratory has open scope for new vistas in the above subjects and gives guidance and opportunities for research and academics.

The motto of the laboratory is “Science for Society”.

Teaching Courses

Plant Systematics


Medicinal Botany

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Prof. Dr. K. Seshagirirao, University of Hyderabad, India 

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